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Field school is the ultimate in live classroom learning experiences. Fields schools can last a duration of one to five weeks of education and training for students depending on the scope of the project and the learning objective. These opportunities can be rare, but ultimately life changing for those wanting to learn with their hands and become inspired to continue in the path of historic preservation.

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Vintage Window Restoration only exists because of a five-week window restoration field school. Chris Gustafson, the owner and creator of Vintage Window Restoration, attended the award winning Fort Worden Window Restoration Field School in Port Townsend, Washington. It has been nearly ten years and there hasn’t been anything like it since. Planning, designing and executing a multi-week field school is not for the faint at heart and requires well over one year of anticipation and planning. Vintage Window Restoration is confident and capable of partnering with multiple organizations to create a field school capable of changing lives and renewing a significant piece of architectural history.

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Chris Gustafson’s experience at Fort Worden consisted of five weeks. The group of partners were Washington State Parks and Recreation, Peninsula Community College, Port Townsend School of Woodworking, and Ten Mile Restoration. Students and staff stayed at the State Park and performed the work at the school’s shop space less than 50 yards from the project. Every morning there was the project briefing for group leaders, catered meals, on-site housing, weekly field trips and evening recreation. Topics covered A to Z in window restoration, preservation, reproductions and storm sash. This experience gave confidence and opportunity to numerous students, many of which are working in the historic preservation trades to this day.

Vintage Window Restoration wants to pay this incredible experience forward. It may not happen for a while, but we are ready to make an organization’s dream a reality, Chris and his team have the experience to assist in organizing the potentially award winning event or join the team of one currently in the works. Besides our ambition in field schools, we offer multi-day window workshops down to a one hour lecture. Our business aspect covers all aspects of wood window restoration, preservation, reproductions, accessories, such as storm sash and screens, and all aspects of exterior facade repair. Contact Vintage Window Restoration for all of your window and facade needs.

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