Internships in the Willamette Valley, OR

Vintage Window Restoration loves to pay it forward to those looking to get started in the preservation trades. We offer very few internships a year to those that are currently students in a historic preservation school. We are very selective due to the fact that we are a small business and training others takes a tremendous amount of time and resources.


Our internships are non-paid due to state law and are typically limited in duration to two weeks to fulfill some colleges’ cooperative work experience. During the students’ visit, we will cover numerous aspects of window restoration, preservation, reproductions and whatever other operation is in the shop productions.


This internship is not designed for those simply curious about windows, or homeowners wanting to learn how to fix their own. We save that for fun educational window workshops or DIY training. This is intended for young adults with a passion and commitment to the historic preservation trades as a starting point in a career to make a greater impact in our community.


We require a cover letter, resume, phone interview and a shop meeting if possible. As of summer 2017 we have conducted nine internships. We look forward to training more students in the craft and seeing what success follows that student.


If you are that student looking for a unique opportunity of a life time, we would love to hear from you! Besides education and training, we are capable of saving and repairing wood windows, manufacturing custom storm sash and wooden screens and repairing any siding and trim around your windows. We are your one stop shop for historic windows, doors and facade! Contact Vintage Window Restoration for all your window workshop needs.

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