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Albany, Oregon is Vintage Window Restoration’s town of residence. We are fortunate to be here! The simplicity of the town is relaxing after traveling the state to assess or restore buildings. Riding the bike to the shop along the river walk is enlivening and keeps supplying us with a sense of perpetual youth and ability to absorb the surrounding environment and seasons that evolve in this valley town.


Having three historic districts – Hackleman, Monteith, and Downtown – driving a vehicle is almost unnecessary and obstructive due to the sheer stock of historic structures. Claimed and settled in the 1840’s, this town has seen a lot of growth, evolution, and destruction. It is unfortunate to see buildings go today after so much had been lost in the downtown during the 1970’s due to “urban renewal” but it is pleasing to see the resurgence and an honor to have a part of the renewal of our historic structures.


One of our favorite “spots” in town is hanging out at the PIX Theater, taking the family out to watch a movie on the weekend, or chill out with the owners and have a cup of coffee or chocolate dipped frozen banana after finishing a local job. Once in a while, we order beignet donuts or spaetzle with cheese from Novaks for our staff meetings in the park, be it Takena or Monteith. We love being able to roll through the streets and see numerous folks within our community to talk about the breeze or that recent hot day that reached over 80 degrees which we all know wasn’t that bad, but real Oregonians still have to complain about. On a day to day life, Albany has it all for the youth, young families and empty-nesters. If you want action and excitement that’s cool and all. Fortunately, you can hop on the train and be in Portland just as quick as driving, and get your fill and be back by evening without dealing with the traffic.


We love what Albany has to offer and we treat our community members the same. We love riding or driving by our numerous projects to keep an eye on our work and make sure everything is looking good. It is almost a sense of ownership of keeping the town looking good. We keep in touch with our previous clients – sure about windows – but also how life is going in general for them. We get to know the folks we work with and find ourselves helping out when in passing. If we find someone who recently transplanted here during a community activity, we love to help them get the lowdown on where to go and what to do. Business comes later if they ask.


As you can see, Albany’s well-being is important to us and we hope it is the same for you. If you feel your new home, or your commercial building needs a little TLC or you have some concerns about the rumored freezing winter, please don’t hesitate in giving us a call. We offer the full spectrum of wood window restoration, preservation, reproductions and accessories, such as storm sash and screens. If you feel your facade is in need of inspection considering it is over a century old, we can help with that too. Call Vintage Window Restoration today. We’re here to help!

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