Cyclical Window Maintenance

Cyclical Window Maintenance Services in Eugene, Oregon


Commercial buildings take a lot of work to remain attractive and attractive buildings gain reliable and profit generating tenants. Sometimes maintenance staff is stretched too thin and some buildings don’t have a maintenance staff that can adequately design or perform a maintenance cycle to do the proper job.


At Vintage Window Restoration we are able to perform both. Our staff can work with the management to develop an efficient and practical maintenance cycle for quarterly and annually scheduled maintenance items to ensure longevity and bar raising aesthetics to gain some excellent tenants and a higher volume of paying customers. If staff is unavailable to do the work, we can follow the maintenance schedule and maintain the historic commercial building’s windows and woodwork to keep the structure up to snuff. With this option, any undiscovered items can be addressed quickly and affordably by our staff during routine maintenance and inspection to keep the discrepancy budget low and enable management to focus the finances that will keep the property more as an asset rather than a liability.


From Salem to Eugene, Vintage Window Restoration is able to assist numerous commercial buildings with their maintenance needs. Interested in just knowing what condition the windows are in? We offer a full comprehensive window assessment to assist in developing your budget for the long-term.


Our specialized staff covers everything related to windows from repair to new reproductions to prismatic transom windows and even stained glass ornamentation. Call Vintage Window Restoration for all of your window maintenance needs!



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