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Exterior Facade Repair Services in Albany, OR


In Albany, Corvallis, Salem and Eugene many commercial buildings have different facade material types such as masonry, wood and concrete. Facade repair is generally the act of improving what currently exists and replacing only what is necessary. Vintage Window Restoration is capable of repairing the wooden components of commercial building facades. So often the moulding along the brick and concrete buildings could be rotten and need full replacement. Other times they may just need to be removed, preserved and re-fastened with stainless steel screws. Wood commercial facades use the greatest range of services due to the fact that we possess the tooling to perform all aspects of woodwork on historic structures.


Our team is able to perform a condition assessment on the structure to identify areas of concern and list the areas in need of restoration, preservation, repair and replacement. Our assessments have been able to identify unknown discrepancies saving the owner money in unanticipated change orders and alteration to the project schedule. If unique mouldings are used and need replacement, we are capable of matching the profile to replace what is too far gone or restore what already exists.


The Cottage Grove Armory had a facade issue with water leaking into the wall and ceiling causing water infiltration to damage plaster and the flooring. The fracture was beneath the window sills due to a “cold pour” of concrete during the construction of the building. Our method or facade repair was to cut out the section of window sill that covered the fracture, clean out the area, and inject with a penetrate epoxy than an elastic epoxy fill. Once the epoxy set, the window sills were re-connected and a set of weather ready storm sash were installed to shield the entire opening from wind driven rain. After the repair, no water leaks have been detected and the newly restored windows are protected for years to come.


If you feel your commercial building’s facade has some issues, or you simply have no idea what could be wrong, Vintage Window Restoration is the right place to start. Our assessments are cost effective in identifying what issues exist and can be used for developing a long-term plan to address the issues before they become worse.


Our services don’t stop at facade repair, but delve into all service types of wood windows such as restoration, preservation, repair and reproductions. If having a storm sash manufactured for your windows, they add decades of life to your building and reduce the heating bills. Call Vintage Window Restoration for your commercial building needs.



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