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Stained glass is fairly uncommon on commercial buildings, but is almost the standard for historic churches. There was and still is a saying that a stained glass window needs re-whiting after a century and it’s getting to be about that time to take a look at your stained glass windows. Over time solder joints begin to fail, whiting has outlived its life span, the backing rod has come undone from the panel, and the cane has warped or began to buckle under its weight.


Vintage Window Restoration is able to perform every aspect of leaded stained glass restoration to ensure the windows longevity and almost irreplaceable colors and textures remain for another century. Our recommendation is to always have us visit to perform an assessment of the windows to identify which windows are in fair condition, and which ones are in immediate need of stabilization. Once the window conditions are identified, we are able to extract the stained glass panels intact with the frame and brought to our shop where we have the tools and traditional materials to perform the work ahead. Our staff is trained in the art and pursues continuing education in the trade to always stay on top of current methods and case studies.


In this particular situation a large transom window on a commercial building in Bend collapsed due to structural and solder failure in the caning causing it to come out of its sash and fall twelve feet to the floor. Numerous divided lites broke and the iconic “BEND” pivot window was half broken. The stained glass window was collected and finding the materials began immediately. Traditional lead canning and soldering was used to match the original sections of the stained glass and closest matching color patterns were acquired and used. Once the stained glass section was restored, it was re-installed in the prismatic glass panel and secured in the original sash.


If you have concerns or simply have no idea of the condition of your stained glass windows, we are here to help. Please call us to schedule an appointment to visit and perform an assessment of your windows. It could save you thousands of dollars and keep your priceless windows safe. Our business not only specializes in stained glass restoration, but also in wood window restoration, repair, reproductions and wood window accessories, such as storm sash and screens in the Albany, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene areas. Call Vintage Window Restoration today!


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