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Numerous commercial buildings from the 1900’s to 1930’s have prismatic glass transom windows, but very few people know what they are, how they work and how to fix them. Our staff at Vintage Window Restoration is your one-stop shop in addressing any issues in assessing, repairing, or even rebuilding your commercial buildings transom sash. We have gone through great lengths in research on prismatic glass and continue to accumulate and build our collection of authentic commercial glass in the event one breaks anywhere in our service region of Salem, Corvallis, Albany or Eugene. If we don’t have the glass on hand, we know where to find it.


Prismatic glass is the main form of light projection used for this era of buildings. The concept is to have the sunlight shine through the glass and have the glass textured interior surface project the light in different angles to give an even, deep, dispersed light into the commercial building’s space. Once electricity and lighting improved, the prismatic glass was seen to be obsolete. By the 1950’s the ceilings were dropped to retain heat.


We are able to re-glaze transom windows as you would a traditional sash or those that are leaded glass windows. If the transom window needs to be brought to our shop for full restoration, we have methods to have the frame set loose from the jamb, secured for transportation, and a temporary replacement sash to fill the opening to reduce the inconvenience of the tenants. Our mission is to perform our work with minimal impact to the tenants, have a high turn around and have everything prepared for a quick install.


If you feel you are in need of having your prismatic transom windows assessed, repaired or re-built, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Vintage Window Restoration is the right place to start.


We are capable of saving and repairing your original windows, manufacturing custom storm sash and wooden screens for your building and repairing any siding and trim around your windows. We are your one stop shop for historic windows and facade! Contact Vintage Window Restoration for your prismatic glass transom window needs.


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