Window Reproductions

For decades, an alley way window in Albany was replaced with an air conditioner unit and a sheet of glass haphazardly installed to fill the rest of the void. Working with the business owner in designing the frame and finding the right authentic prismatic glass, the large window with many divided lites was the result of the creative project; removing an air conditioner unit from the back of an 1890’s, red brick, masonic lodge, commercial building and installing a transom window very similar to what existed. The difference in natural lighting from the prismatic glass and aesthetics set the building apart from the rest.


When the original window is in a delicate state, where repair may do more harm than good, or if the original window is long gone, a historically accurate reproduction window is an excellent solution to the problem.


Vintage Window Restoration is capable of producing wood window sash and jambs that match the original to the very same details, down to the profile and wood species and made with machines from that era! We know of numerous hardware vendors and commercial glass providers that are able to find the right look to what was once there and bring the building’s appearance back to its former glory.


If you feel you are in need of reproductions, Vintage Window Restoration is the right place to start. We are capable of saving and repairing your original windows, manufacturing custom storm sash and wooden screens for your home, and repairing any siding and trim around your windows. We are your one stop shop for historic windows, doors and facade! Contact Vintage Window Restoration for your reproduction sash needs.

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