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Some windows are in great shape accept a few key features. Say the putty is in good condition, all the hardware is present, no glass is broken, but the darn thing is stuck and trying to open it is a tremendous effort and grinds along the edges with paint chipping off. It sounds like some repairs to the windows operability need to be made. Maybe the casement hinges are rusted or caked on with excess paint? Perhaps the awning windows scissor hinges are bent or too loose? Or the top sash to the double hung has so much paint on the channels that nothing can pass?



Vintage Window Restoration is here to help. We specialize in the repair of wood windows to achieve the operability they were designed to perform. Over the years the windows have been left alone and everything else like paint, moisture, and various alterations crept up around them.


Our specialized trained staff are able to assess and determine what the best form of remediation is necessary. It could be as simple as breaking the paint seam or using infrared to remove all of the paint buildup. If hardware has lived past its life expectancy, new in-kind hardware can be obtained without compromising any aspect of the window. There are countless folks without the proper training able to sell people on a “good enough” fix, but our tried and true to historic practices bring the windows’ state back to authenticity.

Following is an example of a Commercial Repair challenge and how we went about providing our specialty to fix the problem.





Call Vintage Window Restoration today if you are having issues with your windows. They may look in great shape, but there may be something missing that is keeping them back from what they were intended to be.


Besides window repair, we are capable of performing full window restoration, preservation, storm sash, wood screens and commercial transom windows. Call Vintage Window Restoration for all of your wood window needs.

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