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Sometimes windows have been neglected for too long. Rotten bottom rails and rotten and fractured sills. Sometimes they have been altered in the past to “modernize” the look of a building by removing certain features of the windows. Vintage Window Restoration is capable of making new window components to replace what has become “too far gone”.


Vintage Window Restoration believes in complying with the Secretary of Interior Standards when re-mediating windows in need of restoration deficiencies. Our paint and putty removal process incorporates modern materials and safe handling practices. Our infrared light removal methodology safely and gently heats the sash to release the paint and putty without damaging the wood like what intensive heat guns, toxic chemical, dust generating abrasives or fiber degrading steam boxes do. When the paint and putty is removed, the glass is intact and gently cleaned with wet and dry methods to clean and polish the glass.



Parched wood is replenished with pure high grade traditional linseed oils and the glass re-bedded in traditional sash putty. All of the materials used are the same as they were when the window was originally crafted. A unique window restoration project was on the North Palestine Memorial Church, owned by Benton County Natural areas and parks. All of the window sash needed restoration and one reproduction. Some were altered and some components were rotted or broken.


Whatever the scenario, the windows were fully restored to their original state ready for decades of use. Contact Vintage Window Restoration for window restoration. Our business covers every aspect of wood windows from repair, new wood windows, wooden screens, exterior wood working and so much in between.



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