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In some applications it is more practical and cost-effective to restore sections of wood than it is to replace. This is performed by a series of steps consisting of making new sections of wood to replace what is missing or severely rotted. this is performed by splicing sections of wood and epoxies for adhesion. Wood restoration is primarily performed on window jambs that are encased in concrete or masonry buildings. This is due to the difficulty or inability to remove the jamb from the wall opening to replace an entire sill section. In the comparison of time, slicing new sections of windows is far more cost effective than a removal, replace and repair surrounding approach.


This particular wood restoration was performed on a ground floor basement window sill on the Cottage Grove Armory. Over time the window sill had rotted away to a very far extent. The practical method was to choose wood restoration due to the window being encased in concrete. The rotted sill section was cut out to good wood and a replacement section was spliced into position. Once painted the small seam was unrecognizable due to the strategic placement.


Call Vintage Window Restoration if you feel your wood window sash or jambs need wood restoration. Our team is able to determine the most time and cost effective approach to a project that fits within the budget and complies to the Secretary of Interior Standard. Our services cover all aspects of wood and facade restoration.


Our team is highly trained and skilled in wood window restoration, preservation, reproductions and wood window accessories, such as wooden storm sash and wood screens. Call Vintage Window Restoration today!


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