Wood Storm Sash

Wood Storm Sash for Commercial Buildings in Willamette Valley


Wooden storm sash on commercial buildings doesn’t necessarily cross most people’s minds, but they do find their place here and there. It brings numerous benefits to the building owner or business person when it comes to protecting their assets from theft or keeping the weather from damaging their goods. Storm sash are a great accessory item in reducing heat loss, lowering traffic noise (including the trains for you Albany folk), and eliminating cold drafts. Our storm sash are made of clear vertical grain (CVG) Douglas Fir. The frames are a stout 1-3/8” thick, with traditional haunched mortise and tenon joinery – no dowels, no biscuits – only the real deal.

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Glazing includes installing tempered glass, for strength and safety, which is held securely with wooden stops. The hardware is stainless steel hangers for the Pacific Northwest weather and comes with the option of operability with Stay Bars. The wood is fully treated with a clear epoxy preservative for long lasting treatment and the exterior can be painted, though once you see them, you may want the finish to be a rich pine tar and let the wood shine as the weather comes rolling in from the Southwest. We love being a part of historic downtown areas like Albany, Corvallis and Salem. Two local stories involve downtown Albany. The Pix theater is the city’s locally owned single-screen movie theater that has their box office facing south with zero protection from the elements. It used to be that wind-driven rain forced water into the office causing papers and counter space to become wet.

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The previous fix was plastic and staples with a towel at the booth opening. Now, with a new wooden frame with a storm sash to cover the opening, water infiltration is no longer an issue, and is now a very appealing feature to draw customers in for their famous frozen, chocolate dipped bananas, or signature baked pie in a mug.

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The second example involves the Natty Dresser’s alley way window. Vintage Window Restoration restored, painted, and glazed this window with hard to find authentic prismatic glass in fear that a passerby could throw a rock through the near irreplaceable glass at a whim. A large 3’x8’ tempered glass storm sash was installed to protect the window and keep the seamstress warmer in the winter. I’ve regained a few hours of sleep since installing the storm sash and the occupants have noticed a difference in temperature. The benefits don’t just end with comfort from the cold, the storm sash protects your entire historic window from the elements. You will be repairing and painting your window less often. Your newly restored windows will look “renewed” longer.

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