Astoria First Presbyterian Church

The Astoria First Presbyterian Church was our first opportunity to work with awning windows with jambs encased in monolithic concrete. The project involved 27 window openings equaling 51 sash and 27 jambs. The window sash were in fair condition except the glazing putty and paint. The project challenges were the jambs and brick molding.


New wood was needed to replace what had rotted behind the surface. Fortunately, Vintage Window Restoration is capable of matching and milling exterior facade woodwork. One jamb needed complete replacement. Our team made a reproduction of the jamb and upon installation, it was a perfect fit. The project had a variety of logistic challenges. The basement was used as a music education center requiring coordination with scheduling and short window repair turnaround times. The second floor was used for community events and space was limited at times for field operations.


Window repair and brick molding milling were performed in our shop located in Albany, Oregon. There was extensive work needing to be required in Astoria requiring multiple nights on the coast. Epoxies and dutchman repairs were used where possible, at times, whole jamb sections were replaced.


The building is located one block from downtown and perched on the hillside facing north. The architect was the city’s local famous architect, John Wicks. Built in the 1920’s, the quality of Douglas Fir and hardware used made a large difference in the durability of the windows. We discovered numerous quick repairs made to the windows and the replacement wood failed far faster then what had original been there. The project was funded through the generosity of private donors who saw the value in the building’s well-being and the positive impact the community hall serves the local people.


Vintage Window Restoration is capable of helping you with your community development project in making gathering spaces safer, aesthetically appealing, and capable of letting in fresh air and regulating the inside temperature. Our services cover all aspects of window repair, restoration, and preservation. Our team is capable of matching unique molding profiles and jambs in the event new ones need to be made. If storm sash or screens are desired, we have that covered too. Contact Vintage Window Restoration for your unique project needs.


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