Lincoln City Cultural Center was first known as The Lincoln City Arts Forum when established on August 10, 1992. It dates back to 1929, when historic DeLake School was a center for education for the children of Lincoln City.

We begin by first showing historically accurate reproduction windows designed and built by Vintage Window Restorations. Both the top and bottom sash operate by weight and pulley mechanisms. The windows are weather sealed for energy efficiency and pass building code inspection.

Vintage Window Restoration Replacement of Windows After
Look at the picture above and compare to the next picture showing exactly how it looked before the project.

 Vintage Window Restoration Replacement of Windows Before
As we go inside you will first see the interior finish carpentry that adapts the historically accurate window to a modern wall framing technique. The work needed to be equivalent in quality and use for the art galleries purpose.  The next photo shows the interior carpentry work before we removed it to install the new windows. The sides were made of plywood and finger jointed wood. The walls are extra deep due to an additional 2×6 framed wall over the original wall.
 Vintage Window Restoration Finish Carpentry Before

Vintage Window Restoration Finish Carpentry After

We mix things up a little next by first showing the Before and then the After.  The basement windows prior to being restored were painted shut, along with putty failure and rusting steel columns.  Then we show the basement windows fully restored and preserved. The steel column was restored and sealed.  And now the windows operate and are weather sealed for coastal climate.
Basement Window Restoration Before
 Basement Window Restoration After

All of this may look easy but there is so much that goes into the process while we are not on your site. Following is part of the Window Reproduction Manufacturing process at our shop. We encourage you to learn more about Vintage Window Restoration to see what goes on behind the scenes. Our video is very entertaining.
 Window Reproduction Manufacturing Process at Vintage

But for many visitors to the Lincoln City Cultural Center, not many will appreciate how the place looked before, the effort it took for our Window Restoration and Reproduction.  They will just rather enjoy how authentic the building looks today.
Window & Wood Restoration for Lincoln City Cultural Center Before
Window & Wood Restoration for Lincoln City Cultural Center

Next project will be to work on this bank of windows.
Window & Wood Restoration for Lincoln City Cultural Center Phase 2 Before

Vintage Window Restoration is capable of helping you with your community development project in making gathering spaces safer, aesthetically appealing, and capable of letting in fresh air and regulating the inside temperature. Our services cover all aspects of window repair, restoration, and preservation. Our team is capable of matching unique molding profiles and jambs in the event new ones need to be made. If storm sash or screens are desired, we have that covered too. Contact Vintage Window Restoration for your unique project needs.

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