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Window Assessment Services in Albany, OR


Numerous homes have been left as is for numerous years, but current trends are showing that historic structures are gaining in popularity and numerous buildings are currently being restored across the nation. During the developmental period of planning a residential restoration project, performing an assessment is a feasible choice to estimate costs and avoid any discrepancies that would change the project scope, budget, and schedule.


Vintage Window Restoration is capable of performing a wood window assessment for residential structures identifying current conditions, any known discrepancies lying behind the layers of paint and potentially saving the building owner thousands of dollars in unanticipated expenses.


Our documents cover the condition of every window with a categorization system for easy referencing and understanding the entire scope of the project. Each unit can be broken down into cost for strategizing the progression of the project and what windows are in need of immediate repairs and which can wait little longer once budget allows. If you are curious about the windows’ conditions but don’t feel confident in hiring a window professional to actually start work yet, knowledge is power and understanding your windows will be of great value and importance before work actually begins.


One particular project occurred in Albany with a facade that was having water infiltration issues. During high wind and rain storms water would supposedly leak through the siding and get the plaster wet causing water marks to develop. If left for a long time, the plaster will begin to fail and fall from the lathe. During our window assessment, we discovered the issue was not the siding, but the window sill had rotted to such an extent that rain would freely infiltrate the wall cavity and cause the water issues. The homeowner cancelled the siding repair saving him $6,800. On our end, we were rewarded the job of manufacturing a new window jamb and sash to replace the rotted non-original window. To this day, no water issues have occurred and the owner is still grateful of our services.

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