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Wood Window Preservation Services in the Willamette Valley, OR


Wood doesn’t last forever, however many cultures around the world believe in maintenance and care of wood thus having buildings last for over one thousand years or more. Wood preservation follows the same principles with the basic concept of maintenance and care. Our methods follow the Secretary of Interior Standard for historic preservation. During our work we gently clean the wooden surface with a simple dusting to a specialized and long time used linseed soap solution and gently scrub away loose debris and cleanse the surface of the wood. Once the wood is clean, we treat the parched materials with an authentic linseed and turpentine mixture to nourish the wood and deter any future fungus and insects.


Once the treatment is finished, the oils are allowed to cure before applying a fresh coat of paint to the wood for optimal adhesion and wood protection. Every type of wood is different and our staff understands the principles of every wood species that we process in our facility and know the proper treatment of each. Our team is able to address wood conditions with oils, natural pine tars, epoxies and waxes ranging from heavy solar exposure to Coastal Marine climates, each with its own treatment methodology. If rot is becoming apparent, wood restoration would be the next level up in treatment recommendations.


The Cottage Grove Armory has had every type of restoration and preservation imaginable, creating a great showcase for examples. In this particular situation the west facing facade experienced both solar and heavy rain exposure, creating window sills with deep grooves and parched wood fibers.


We used infrared light and oils to treat the wood and lightly shaved the surface to a smooth finish without removing too much wood to give a renewed finish. The paint adhered very well to the surface and the final product was a success.

Call Vintage Window Restoration if you feel your wood window sash or jambs need wood preservation. Our team is able to determine the most time and cost effective approach to a project that fits within the budget and complies to the Secretary of Interior Standard. Our services cover all aspects of wood and facade preservation. Our team is highly trained and skilled in wood window restoration, preservation, reproductions and wood window accessories, such as wooden storm sash and wood screens. Call Vintage Window Restoration today!

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