Custom Wood Storm Sash

Custom Fitting Wood Storm Sash for Homes in Albany, OR


Born and raised in Astoria, Oregon, I remember winters that seemed like it never stopped raining. Moving with Marcia and raising our two children in Albany, this winter never seemed to stop raining and freezing! Vintage Window Restoration is proud to announce that we make custom fitting traditional wood storm sash for your home.


Storm sash are a great accessory item in reducing heat loss, lowering traffic noise (including the trains for you Albany folk), and eliminating cold drafts that you feel blowing through the original window sash. Our storm sash are made of clear vertical grain (CVG) Douglas Fir. The frames are a stout 1-3/8” thick frames, with traditional haunched mortise and tenon joinery, no dowels, and no biscuits, only the real deal. Glazing is tempered glass for the strength and subtle wave pattern close to historic glass held securely with wooden stops. Hardware is stainless steel hangers for the Pacific Northwest weather and come with with the option for operability with Stay Bars.


The wood is fully treated with a clear epoxy preservative for long lasting treatment and the exterior can be painted, though once you see them, you may want the finish to be a rich pine tar and let the wood shine as the weather comes rolling in from the Southwest.


The benefits don’t just end with comfort from the cold, the storm sash protects your entire window from the elements. You will be repairing and painting your window less often and your newly restored windows will look “renewed” longer. Your sad yet to be fixed window will be protected for that day of recovery while keeping the house looking nice from the curb.


Utilities will be alleviated due to the storm sash. You will find savings in your heating bill during the winter months. The air filters will be changed out less often, furnace servicing will be further apart and the pay off rate will be far quicker than a double glazed vinyl window. Did I mention the storm sash actually performs better than a dual glazed? And you still get to keep your beautiful original window!

There can be a lot to see when talking about Wood Storm Sash, and there can be a lot that you may not obviously see.  Look closely at the following picture.  The lower level of this house has the older Aluminum Storm Windows that can not open.  All the windows on top were the ones we worked on to place the Wooden Storm Sash allowing for the owners to open and air out the home.  You need to look closely to see the perimeters of the window where the darker color on the bottom floor is for the aluminum and the lighter color on the top level is for the new wooden storm sash.  The neighbors on the left must be jealous since their top windows are the old aluminum not allowing for easy ventilation.  Look closely and you can see the differences.Wood Storm Sash versus Aluminum

Vintage Window Restorations specializes in Storm Sash.  There is a lot to know and a lot of variables that go into our craft.  You may have seen us around town over the years, and the following is an example of what you may see, especially when we are working on the higher levels of a property.Installing Custom Wood Storm Sash

Some of the pictures above show a brighter sash and frame, but you can have a painted one similar to this next example where it is a painted black wood frame for contrast.  Or you may have a brighter sash and frame surround by a decorative shutter.

Wood Storm Sash with painted frame Wood Storm Sash with dark shutters

We want to leave you visualizing the next spring season after Vintage Window Restorations installed your new custom wood storm sash windows.  The first picture is the window ready to be installed.  The next picture shows the beautiful spring day with the windows open allowing for the fresh air in.   So why wait to have the sign show in the third picture where we are visiting to not only improve the cosmetic appeal of your home but also allow for that fresh oxygen in.Before Custom Wood Storm Sash installedAfter Custom Wood Storm Sash installed Vintage Window Restoration installing storm sash

Contact Vintage Window Restoration for wood storm sash. Our business covers every aspect of wood windows from repair, new wood windows, wooden screens, exterior wood working and so much in between.

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