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Wood Screens by Vintage Window RestorationAfter our typical cold and wet Pacific Northwest winters, the Valley makes the dramatic turn to clear, warm, dry sunny days, this results in a hot house and fortunately your windows are designed to cool it down. The bugs aren’t that horrendous but is does feel nice to have a barrier between the house and what lives outdoors. Traditional wood screens are highly sought after but for some reason diffi-cult to find in the Willamette Valley. Vintage Window Restoration is one of those few companies that offers in-house manufacturing of traditional wood framed screens.

Key machinery like our 1890’s American Wood Working No.2-½ Tennoner is the main reason we can manufacture authentic wooden windows and screens with authentic joinery, appearance, and historically accurate character. If you look closely, the cutter head in this photo is the inspiration for our logo. We believe in using machinery when it was made in America, using materials sourced in America and built for our nation that we are so fortunate to live within. We have many machines from the era when wood windows were built and continue to seek out more to develop into a living museum.

Wood Window Screen with Traditional JoineryWe follow the same methods as were used in the past with the same joinery, copper screening, and a hanger system interchangeable with our Wood Storm Sash, meaning storm sash and screens can be changed out for the proper seasons. Our screens are secured in place from the inside for aesthetics, security, and potentially eliminating the need for ladders when you choose to take them down and install your storm sash for the winter.

Close Up of Wood Window Screen

Our frames are made of locally sourced Douglas Fir and graded for the appropriate part of the screen. Joinery is of traditional mortise and tenon andfastened with galvanized sash pins. The frame can be treated with traditional linseed oil, pine tar, epoxy, or paint. With the clear grain wood, you will likely want to leave the interior with a wood stain. We use high grade, durable copper screening to resist wear and tear, and over time will patina to a brown making it appear transparent from the inside.

Corvallis Home with Wood Window Screens

If your house is a bit hot during the day, the traditional method is to cool the house in the morning, once the temperature rises, shut the windows to keepthe heat out. In the evening when the outside is cooler than in-side the home, open the room doors, and open the top and bottom sash both half way to create an air flow cycling effect. Emphasize the bedrooms and the house will begin to self cool for a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Contact Vintage Window Restoration for Wood Screens. Our business covers every aspect of wood windows from repair, to new wood windows, custom wooden storm sash, exterior facade wood working and so much in-between.

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